Ton Carrera

Strategic advisor, Consultant, Writer and Coacher on strategy, digital transformation and business performance

Ton Carrera is an expert in strategy, digital transformation and business performance. He transforms human talent in companies and organizations, and strengthens teams and projects to meet the challenges of the 21st century. His talent and background make him an innovative specialist in the use of mass data with the most advanced methods in AI and Big Data in the business and social environment.

His experience as a coach for professionals and teams provides a powerful and innovative vision that maximizes talent by preparing it to face the challenges of today's world. He has been recognized as a talent selection jury and high-level mentor in the SEPI group of semi-public companies in Spain and in Telefónica SA, one of the largest telephone companies in the world.

He advises companies, organizations and politicians on the projection of their image and strategy in the media, taking them to a higher level in terms of confidence, performance and projection. Analyzes markets and targets leading the teams to achieve a strategy based on data with adaptive systems providing an unbeatable competitive advantage to its customers.

Every improvement begins with a decision

A sustainable competitive advantage requires a committed and trained team that is prepared to face innovation and continuous improvement to guarantee creativity and efficiency.

Data Expert applies the most innovative techniques in Data Science and AI to revolutionize both companies and organizations with a substantial improvement of their control systems and knowledge for the detection of problems and points of improvement. He actively advises projects in the health, security, research, banking, automotive, online and offline commerce and agriculture sectors, among many others.

Charismatic, communicator, creative, innovative, motivator and strategist are some of the most outstanding values of Ton Carrera. His passion for data and strategy is reflected in his work embarking on projects for value creation and business intelligence.