AI as a competitive advantage

Ton Carrera by Ton Carrera
AI as a competitive advantage

Today's world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed and Artificial Intelligence will have a fundamental role to play in ensuring such progress. The increased connectivity and prominence of all digital media generate huge volumes of data daily that can and should be used to improve our lives. The existence of data does not presuppose that it is being used intelligently and that is where the biggest challenge lies.

The massive use of interconnected devices that constantly collect information is already a reality. When we visit a website, data is collected and accumulated as we go deeper into the site. Every call on our mobile phone, every application we download and how we use it, even when we are on the move, is recorded. All of this is indicative of the individual behavior patterns and can be used intelligently to improve our lives and the lives of society as a whole.

AIs can make decisions at a speed that a human being could not.

The volume of data currently managed is certainly immense and continues to grow. To think that human beings can make efficient use of data without the aid of sophisticated systems that are not only capable of interpreting and synthesizing the information but also of providing intelligent decisions in real time is an undeniable necessity. When we drive, and we want to guarantee the most efficient route, it is not only important to consider our own movement but also should consider the movement of thousands of other cars with different destinations but converging routes in some points that currently continue to cause collapses and a substantial worsening of everyone's life.

The existence of data does not presuppose that we are making intelligent use of it. Because of its hope of future value it is stored but continues to be used very inefficiently in the present. When decision making is influenced by the decisions of others, we can easily understand that AIs are a necessity and not just a factor for improvement. The possibility of interconnecting AIs, which communicate in decision making as a beehive, provides a more optimal decision.

AIs bring value not only to companies in their decision making but also to the individual in their daily decisions. Developing less specialized and more intelligent IAs that are capable of making decisions by evaluating the profile of the individual or company with which they live will humanize and improve the validity of their decisions enormously. Going further, the existence of global AIs that interact with more specialized ones, if we consider a system divided into levels, may be the key to a better world for both companies and human beings.

Blocking progress out of fear of the unknown greatly burdens humanity

The fear of the negative impact on employment that AIs can have is a great burden. Although it is true that with every industrial or technological revolution the productive fabric changes, creating some new needs and leaving others obsolete, it is also true that they bring substantial improvements. Having evolved AIs would allow humanity to face current problems more quickly and effectively. The change is inevitable, the television channels had to give way to the Internet, few people will question that now having a flexible, fast and à la carte access to contents, which was unthinkable in the past, has meant an enormous improvement in our lives. In the world of sales they also had to evolve, creating new jobs and disappearing or reducing the number in others. There is no doubt about the important role that Digital Marketing experts currently play in the vast majority of companies.

AIs provide objective and problem-solving-based analysis

One of the most valuable characteristics for an AI is its objectivity and analytical capacity. An AI can value thousands or millions of data simultaneously on which it bases its decision. Having an entity that every day, whether in the personal life or in the life of a company, can make strategic decisions quickly, objectively and efficiently is something to be valued. It will not be long before the social and business differences become noticeable among those who have integrated an AI into their lives compared to those who have not.