Highly personalized immersive experiences

Ton Carrera by Ton Carrera
Highly personalized immersive experiences

The emergence and continuous progress of Big Data has meant a profound change in all areas of the business world and especially in the world of Marketing. Data has always been important, what has changed is our ability to collect, store and analyze it.

A personalized experience with a clear objective

We have been searching for a truly personalized experience that maximizes both the depth and conversion of each visitor for many years. It is not in vain that we are looking for tools that really offer a reliable feed-back for this, however we fall short at least in pretending that showing the most relevant products is enough. The real personalized experience must address such important factors as colors, fonts, sizes and a very long etcetera.

A real high-conversion personalized experience. The question is, if it is so clear to us that this improvement can bring great benefits, why don’t we solve it immediately? There are multiple factors to take into account when undertaking a digital project, among them is the corporate image itself as a quasi-static point in every brand. Searching how to find the balance that allows diversifying the personality niches to guarantee the effectiveness of our projects is what differentiates the traditional marketing expert from the truly personalized marketing expert. On the other hand, you do not always have the tools or the money to carry out a project of such magnitude, the cost-benefit ratios provided are not entirely clear in certain strata still stagnant in the linear marketing who only care about the market niche and a target that is reached. The progressive increase in competitiveness is leaving behind this type of vision and giving priority to more dynamic visions that treat the buyer as an unique individual.

Data has too high legal protection in some countries

With the growing concern about how companies are collecting and using the data, a disproportionate social reaction has been created that has been reflected in the legal systems of many countries. For years, the requirements imposed by certain legislations, when you pretend to collect data, have grown more and more, which means that small and medium-sized enterprises have to assume significant costs if they really want to comply faithfully with the regulations. Although certain types of data are particularly sensitive, many others are not critical and can certainly be used for the benefit of the user. Let us never forget that the objective of any online portal will be the sale by offering the product that best suits the user, without the necessary data both the seller and the consumer will lose out on the experience.

The future of Marketing starts with adaptive campaigns, beyond the versions of segmentation or over segmentation that large social networks pose, which, while they may be suitable for a low or medium-low profile of marketing professional, are too limited for higher level campaigns.

The use of intelligent landings reports results 3 or 4 times higher than those of more static landings. The concept of a total and immersive experience not only strengthens the brand's projection as a reference but also guarantees the achievement of objectives in a remarkable way.